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HIV Antibodies

The combination of the three broadly neutralizing antibodies against HIV-1 developed by Polymun - C2F5, C2G12 & C4E10 - have already been tested in several clinical studies for therapy and prevention of HIV/AIDS.


Polymun has generated fully human monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) against unique HIV antigens which are now widely used reference antibodies in the worldwide HIV-1 research (C2F5, C2G12 and C4E10). You can order these antibodies as research reagents.
Excellent clinical phase I and phase II safety data were obtained in 3 different clinical trials in Europe as well as excellent data on the prevention of intravenous, intravaginal and mother-to-child virus transmission in the rhesus macaque model in the US. As a first indication we targeted the extension of strategic HAART interruption (STI) periods enabled by passive immunotherapy with our mAbs. Another clinical phase IIa study under IND of the FDA in the US was completed in August 2005 for treatment of chronically infected adults. A phase I clinical trial was performed within the EU project EMPRO using the antibodies as a vaginally administered microbicide in a gel formulation.

The required clinical material for these trials has been manufactured in Polymun′s own GMP facilities. The economy of the mAb treatment is comparable to the currently used small-molecule antiviral therapy.

Polymun is open for strategic partnerships in clinical development and marketing.


Human monoclonal anti-HIV-1-antibodies
granted by: US 5,831,034

Monoclonal antibodies against HIV-1 and vaccines made thereof
granted by: CA 2,218,515; CN ZL95197896.9; EP 0 822 941; MX 203743; US 5,911,989; US 6,268,484; ZA96/2629

Peptides that induce antibodies which neutralize genetically divergent HIV-1 isolates
granted by: AT 403 050; CA 2,096,159; EP 0570 357; JP 3369246; US 5,693,752; US 5,866,694

Peptides that elicit neutralizing antibodies against genetically divergent HIV-1 strains
granted by: AU 682893; CZ 287 808; RU 2181379

Peptides mimicking a cryptic epitope of gp41 of HIV-1
granted by: AU 2002340880; EP 1 423 417; JP 4243187; US 7,595,049

Anti-idiotypic antibody inducing HIV-1 neutralizing antibodies
granted by: AU 2003214044; CA 2,473,163; EP 1 465 928; JP 4495969; US 7,625,566


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